End of September

I have been back from Haiti for 3 weeks now, and the fissure between the life here and there seems a little narrower, but it has definitely left a mark.  I am working to put together a new program based on the Youth Education Project I rolled out in Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite in Haiti, and somehow, that is what is giving me solace.  I am so happy that since my return there is already some energy being created around this, as I always say, one step at a time.

Changents have hooked me up and I am going to be interviewed tommorrow at the P&G sponsor booth at the MASHABLE UN SOCIAL GOOD SUMMIT in NYC.  The interview is taking place in real time via Skype by a journalist from Patch.com, gotta love technology!  I will be talking about Cameras for Change, the program I am developing and how it fits in with the UN Millenium Developemnt Goals of ending poverty, gender equality and combating HIV/AIDs.  The program will utilize cameras to teach photography to youth in HIV afflicted families and communities, and will build in education around water, sanitation, HIV awareness and allow people to tell their own stories.  The idea is to connect with people, teach new skills, build in confidence, responsibility, leadership and help to transform communities and lives.  A huge bonus with a program like this is that it also offers support and recognizes the burden placed on caretakers in HIV/AIDs afflicted families. 

This just in!  I am going to be joining the CTV Crew again to photograph at WE Day in Vancouver on October 15th!  Guests include Al Gore, Martin Sheen, Craig & Marc Kielburger, Reverend Jesse L Jackson Sr, Phillipe Cousteau, Hedley, and Michel Chlkwanine.  I photographed last year when the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodal and Mia Farrow were guests.  It is an awesome EVENT that really engages all those involved and I am thrilled to be asked back!!  

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