Sometimes it makes me crazy, it makes me lose sleep, or awake early in
the morning anxious.  So many thought processes, about them and me,
about their world and mine.  How can I help, what can I do.  I have
already traveled to Ndola, Mapalo, Mackenzie, George and Mandia in
Zambia; to Madurai, Chettinad, Ramanathapuram, Nilakotai,
Nagapattinum, Sellur and more in Tamil-Nadu, and recently to Blue
Hills, Vertieres, Petite Riviere de l’artibonite, Shada, Cap-Hatian,
Cite Soleil, and Port-au-Prince in Haiti.  I could keep on going,
going, going.  There will always be more to see.  This is not the
issue.  It is what goes on in my head, tapping away.

So much of what my mind is chuntering away on is trying to reconcile,
life death, what happens, what doesn’t happen, and why.  Trying to
reconcile my world with theirs.  Hoping that others who see my images
and hear the stories will magically awaken, and some “one” will make
another difference, and then another, until we all realize that it
isn’t about reconciling their world with ours, it is to undertake the
reality that it is “one-world”, and that we share the exact same time
with them

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