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I am a humanitarian photographer currently blogging about world water issues for NGO’s.  This past year has taken me to Zambia, India and Haiti.  This November I will be working in Kenya.  I recently worked with youth teaching them how to use cameras to portray how thier lives are effected by access to clean water.  I want to develop this program further using cameras to connect with kids, working with youth and especially within HIV afflicted families.  Please follow my story here and on www.changents.com/cate-cameron

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1.  A family looks out from thier modest home in Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite in Haiti as the rain pours down. August 2010

2.  A pig is oblivious to the smell and state of the inlet banks in Shada, a slum in Cap-Haitien, northern Haiti.  August 2010

3.  Men shower under bullet riddled water towers in the center of Cite-Soleil, Haiti.  Tension and violence is rising in what is considered on of the most dangerous parts of Haiti as the elections draw closer.  August 2010

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