WE DAY + Blog Action Day: WATER


This Friday October 15 is a big day.  I will be covering the WE DAY events here in Vancouver with humanitarian activists Mark and Craig Kielburger.  I will be behind the scenes photographing all of the days activities and then doing unit coverage on the “shameless idealist” interviews with special guests Al Gore, Martin Sheen and the Reverend Jessie Jackson Sr!  This should be an amazing event bringing highlight to some great causes.  Also happening on the 15th via Change.org is the annual Blog Action Day.  This year they are focusing on the cause nearest and dearest to my heart and my work….WATER.  I have been asked to participate through Changents and so I will be writing about the UN General Assembly’s declaration this past July that access to clean water and sanitation is a human right.  This will be posted on my blog at changents.com/cate-cameron

image: the “beach” in SHADA, an urban community in Cap Haitian, Haiti

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