Reporting from the Field – Mombasa Kenya Day 3

When I heard that I was going to go to Mombasa, imagery of sitting beachside sipping a long tall cool drink with pool dipping came to mind. But that was my preconceived idea of Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city which is nestled alongside the Indian ocean.  I am having a great time here working on Give Health, the P&G initiative for CSDW (Children’s Safe Drinking Water), but it is completely different from relaxing poolside.


Instead I have been working 14 hour days in a convoy winding our way through some of the most challenged villages in this part of Kenya with Dr Greg Algood,  Pam Crane of Blood Water Mission.   It is hot and humid here, and I think my clothes could walk away on their own accord at the end of these days as there is so much of my DNA in them.  Working in a team we arrive at households in communities that have been using PUR as part of their household water treatment and management.  Most of the people living in these areas have to walk to get their water, and when they bring it back home it is really not ready to drink.  That’s where PUR comes in. 


Greg Algood has been working with several in country partners including World Vision, the Agha Khan Foundation, and SWAP.  I am here to bear witness to that and to meet and speak with more people about water and life – they do go hand in hand.  I am continually amazed at the challenges and the resilience that humans have.  I have seen some difficult lives lived but also the grace and joy that also co-exists.


Signing off after an amazing day.

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