Water Wednesday Photo of the Day 2011.02.16 Haitian Inspiration

Meet Errol Luis, an entrepreneur, an organizer, and not least an artist. 

Errol lives in Petite Riviere de L’Artibonite, a community close to the epicenter of the Cholera outbreak in Haiti.  I met him there as he was doing what he loves, involving himself within his community in a huge variety of ways.  Errol happens to be one of the first Haitian entrepreneurs to run a bio-sand filter complex, employing many men and women in the community to make the bio-sand filters that are desperately needed there.  He also happens to be a talented painter who galvinized many of the local artists by creating ACDART, a local artists cultural center, where they can showcase their work.  He is a busy family man that takes pride in both his loved ones and his community, and on the last day of our time in Petite Riviere, we bumped into him at Zanme Lasante, (Partners in Health) as he helped to lead a workshop for families afflicted with HIV, teaching them the importance of clean water and sanitation, and how the bio-sand filter works. Errol’s bio-sand filter center is working directly with PIH to help these familes have access to clean water by distributing the filters to familes with HIV with help through a special grant.  His t-shirt says it all “Ti Rivyeh, Mwen Renmen Wo” which means “Petite Riviere, I Love You” in Creole.  March 22nd will see the 2011 debut of “Waves of Change“, a documentary photo exhibit about lives effected by the world water crisis, access to clean water, and a spectrum of these stories will be from life in Haiti where writer Melanie Jones and I visited in August through CAWST, a water NGO.  On March 22nd an updated website will also debut showcasing all of the new Haiti stories and images, stay tuned!


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