Getting our Legs!

The week that I just passed through was magical, end of!  It began like any other but I decidedly chose to expect “the magic” and started looking for it.  I haven’t been disappointed, the signs are everywhere.  I don’t want to be all Polyanna on you, but sometimes it is nice to take a proverbial break from slumming it in the doldrums, you know what I mean, we’ve all been there.

I am in my building phase again, as many who work in this arena are.  I need to secure many things to move on to the next bright light project.  We build speed, go off and get more work done, then repeat.  I am grateful for the many things that happened this week, the opportunities that were given and created.

Two major exciting things happened.  No actually many more than that but lets begin here.  Cameras4Change was given a boost of confidence.  Through a proposal on Give Meaning, we achieved our 100 necessary votes (actually last count was 105 as peeps are still voting!) to go from proposal to project.  I am joined by 2 talented and experienced individuals, Barb Briggs and David Kiwanuka, that want to work with Cameras 4 Change and that is exciting too! 

I also recieved a call from OWN this week!!  Yup thats right, the Oprah Winfrey Network!!  This was very incredibly exciting to me, but as I said, I was expecting the magic this week, so the universe was delivering.  More on this later, but suffice to say without getting all Charlie Sheen on you, Magic!

Sunday Cameras4Change will have a table at BLIM COMMUNITY ART MARKET at HERITAGE HALL on MAIN ST in VANCOUVER.  We will be selling photo art cards and meeting all kinds of folks.  So if you are in Vancouver tomorrow between 12-5 please come and see us!

Image caption:  This week I spoke about Christine Jefwa, an inspiring woman and mother to 4 of her own children and 3 stepchildren in Waresa Kenya, an area near Mombassa in rural coastal Kenya. Here she is with her inlaws who have been married for over 40 years!




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