Be Yourself: A Water Wednesday Story

Be Yourself, these are words we hear often, but sometimes it is when we are far from home when we realize it is the familiar things we often take for granted.  While working in Haiti I met an engaging and enterprising young man by the name of Carlo in Petite Riviere.  Being hot and uncomfortable, what does a girl yearn for, but some pampering of course, actually it would have been really great to just have a mediocre shower, heck, even a bad one!  Normally I would just do without, but our Haitien translator, RoseMay was not a girl to just let things slide, she went on the hunt and found a salon closeby!  The owner was noneother than Carlo, who calls his salon Carla's Beauty Salon. 

The salon has no running water, nor electricity, but Carlo has run his little beauty empire for the past decade without those luxuries.  The water delivery gals fill up the water barrel that sits next to a sink that drains into a bucket, and for that Brazilian Blowout, have no fear, Carlo will fire up a small generator to power the blo-dryer!  You can't imagine the thrill of your head being caressed by the cool water, and the shampoo and blo-dry that followed. 

Carlo's motto is "be Yourself", he is, as the only openly gay man in Petite Riviere, a shining example of that mantra.  So Be Yourself and the world will believe in you!

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