Cameras head to E.Africa
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Hi, I am David Murphy K,  a film maker on my way to Uganda to work on a pilot project spearheaded by Sawa World.  My goal is to conduct a Sawa’s Youth Media Training Program (YMTP) in basic video production.  I will be a guest blogger for Cameras 4 Change in this blog over the next 5 weeks as I work with the participants guiding them to report and produce videos about people who are creating a change in their community (Sawa Leaders), thus becoming their own agents of change! The Youths will be filming using basic equipment to cover these moving stories. 

The pilot project has a duration of 12 months, but I will be there intially for a 5 week “in-field” hands-on training, following, which the youths will carry forward the knowledge acquired within that period.  The project will train five Sawa Youth Reporters and document five Sawa Leaders.   They will share the solutions of the Leaders with other people within their community and the rest of the world!   This is so exciting for me on a personal level as I will not only be fulfilling a goal of teaching using my skills as a film maker, but also working with local youth to help to transform the community.  I will be updating you on every aspect of whats happening in that part of the world, with the cameras of course.

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