Photo of the Day for Mother’s Day 2011


I met this mother of 9 in Site Soley, one of the most dangerous communities in Haiti.  The family home was devastated and her livlihood of selling sweets in her community became obsolete as no-one has any extra money.  Since that time she has moved her family from the stifiling heat of the tent city due to the unsafe conditions.  Crimes against women are paramount in Haiti since the earthquake, and so she has managed to peice together a small one room shack on the doorsteps of what was once the family home.  She spends her time combing the rubble for rebar to sell and a large 8 foot pile dominates the front gate, almost echoing the chaos in the lives of many in Haiti.  I wish her all the best on Mother's Day, to her and the countless other Mothers in Haiti and beyond that I have witnessed, my love to you…xxx…Cate

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