I am truly excited, its the kind of day where you wake up and things feel… different.  You know what I mean, we all have periods in our lives when it seems struggle to move forward is almost a mantra.  Then it’s like the lottery, or a slot machine, when everything lines up and falls into place, and kaChing!  No, I didn’t win the lottery, I can imagine exactly what I would do if I did, and my excitement isn’t really anything super-tangible, but rather a stirring in my soul, things are changing.  Not least because I have put a whole lot of effort into very specific areas, made some big decisions about implementing others, and this gives me a sense of energy, movement, momentum and hope.

Very often my blogs are inspired by the work of others.  This week our household acquired a magazine, we hardly ever buy mags, but AdBusters is a favourite, the back of this edition caused an about face in my head.  “Even Thinner” succinctly put the difference in perspective between our worlds’ have and have not inhabitants.  Our society is led to believe that we “need” so many things, the latest, the greatest, the thinnest, the newest, while the majority of the world struggles for a glass of water, a meal, a home.

I refuse to get an iPad, a Playbook, whatever, I think my 4 year old Mac is doing just fine, I don’t “need” another thing to cart around, the phone is enough.  Admitidly there are things I utilize working with media in the modern world, and I am just as guilty of wanting the right tools to do my job.  So I want to spend my money smartly, and put some towards helping others too.  Somehow though I ask, where does it all end, and unless I draw the line it doesn’t exist. 

Working alongside Sol Garcia of Project X Impact, we are determined to continue our work to bringing awareness to FGM, Child Marriage, and Education for the girls we have worked with.  To that end I have struggled with how I personally can find funding to continue this work  This is my “need”.  I have never previously been a “fund raiser”, although I have done so on a small scale.  I am more of an activist, get in there and do it, take action kind of gal.  I was recently invited to return to work as a private holistic practitioner.  Years ago I studied and became a Homeopath, and then ran a practice in the UK and then in Canada for 10 years.  My life went through some big changes, and as I became more involved with photography, the arts, and humanitarian work, I slowly segwayed from Homeopathy.  I didn’t really take time to think about how one could work for or with the other.  This opportunity now seems to tie in beautifully, I can work in a job that suits my schedule that will have the capacity to sponsor my own projects and voila! I am integrating and synchronizing the facets of my life that will now be co-productive. 

I was excited last month when OWN TV did a segment on my work, even though I did not get to see it here in Canada – yes we do have TV here, and we do get OWN, but the programming is slightly different and my segment did not air here : (  For me however, it was not about seeing myself on OWN TV, it meant so much more.  It meant that others might be inspired to do something, to see where they might fit in, that is the exciting thing to me.  So I urge you to take a step and look at what you can do in your life to make a change for the balance in our world.  I love the concept behind One Days Wages , and that is how I am going to connect my work, one day’s wages a month will go towards making a change!   Sol Garcia is also taking some big steps as Project X Impact moves in to a new stage of growth, she is currently working towards a goal and you can read about it here.  Think about it, you can change it up too!


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