I have been following my friend Melanie Jones as she walks the line of fate, formidably making her dreams come true!  She has had some pretty freaky and funky twists and turns that have forced her to re-evaluate every molecule of herself, her pre-conceptions, and ultimately her implementation and performance.  Needless to say, none of this has stopped her in her quest, her journey, and she is on FIYAH!


It reminded me that we are always making decisions on a daily basis when we are on a creative journey.  I may be amalgamating my creativity with an emphasis on humanity, but I am an artist none-the-less.  I strive for my vision, and could not do it any other way.  Having said that, I am learning all the time, how to be supple enough in my heart and soul, and be open to the adjustments I need to make along the way. Its one big yoga pose people and I think this is one key to success, and can be applied to so many areas in our lives.


It all rolls back to being in the moment, not living and aggravating ourselves about the future, sure we can have plans, but unless we pay utter attention to the “now” we may fall flat.  I learned this in a big way yesterday.  I have a dream to make a documentary, 1 part of “I want to bring awareness” and 1 part, I as a photographer; it is how I see myself evolving.  While rifling through the twitter feed I came across a tweet about a doc on the very subject that I want to produce.


My first reaction was “fantastic”, my second one was, “oh shit no”, I allowed my pre-conception, my ego to get in the way of what is actually good news!  This happens all the time in media/film etc, and really, if I am frank, it is great that someone else is also bringing attention to a cause that I think is important, after all, that’s why I am doing this.  In the words of my friend Melanie, “So there is no point in fighting. No point in micro managing or controlling. No point in freaking out, Once again, I am reminded that these things have their own timing and it really is best to let it all unfold naturally instead of turning into a butt-clenching super-bitch. Just sayin’.”, but of course that is what I did….at first! 


I immediately messaged and called the people I am working with on the project, and they both came back with what I should have come up with. These two ladies are really freakin awesome if I do say so myself: cudos to you Sol and Thea, my guardian angels! If movies/docs were made or not made on the basis of the topic being already “done”, then we really wouldn’t have any more of them would we?  I mean, what!  Not another movie about LOVE!  I love having peeps that can slap me back to reality when I need it.


This also reminds me that working in development, making real change in the world, it takes all of us, but it is only the individual that makes the decision, and without that, where would we be.  So as individuals, we need to remind ourselves, and each other, that gamechanging is part of the plan.  In fact welcome it, because it is what will make you really brilliant in the end. So ignore that song and Keep on Changing!

Image 1 – This girl did not expect to be kidnapped, circumcised and married, after running away back home to “safety” she did not expect to become pregnant by a family member.  She is safe now in a rescue home, there are many girls like her hoping for a gamechanger in their lives.

Image 2 – This group of girls all have stories of how they had to adapt after life had unexpected changes, they have all taken decisions into their own hands and are safe at a school after running away from child marriage and FGM.  The school is helping to house and educate them but needs funds to do this.

Image 3 – This girl changed my life, she is strong, brave and dedicated – she wants to be a journalist!  I am helping to make a difference in her life, a GAMECHANGER for both of us.

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