W4 – Water Wednesday Women helping Women

Alot happens in a week.  I thought I would be writing a post about a reality check badly needed as I watched my city burn a week ago from people rioting in the streets of Vancouver after the Stanley Cup Final.  I took in a view from my balcony that kind of surprised me, but sadly the truth was before my eyes.  Yes there has been rioting all over the world of recent, for things like basic human rights, government oppression and human torture, yet they were rioting and looting in Vancouver because the city had set up giant TV screens for all to watch the hockey game, booz, a sense of self rightousness amongst a privileged few with a lack of good judgement caused the riots in Vancouver with the added excuse of losing the hockey game.  Enough said.

Thankfully alot does happen in a week, and I am excited to see progress and gain in another part of the world where people struggle on a daily basis to find things like, water capable of drinking without inciting illness and disease, and money to buy enough food to feed your family.  Earlier this year I visited a small community in the Rift Vally with Greg Algood of CSDW where a kiosk was being set up by another arm of P&G.  Women were being given business training on how to run the kiosk and sell various sundries in small amounts.  This is so positive, it is micro business on a different scale as it introduces products that women would not necessarily be able to purchace.  Kind of like when we go to a warehouse store but can’t buy the big lots of bulk products, they can’t afford to buy even a regular size package of something, it needs to be broken down into small amounts.  I love the concept as it opens up vertical possibilities for many people in need, and helps women to help thier families.  They sell many simple household products in ways that make them available and affordable, this is not necessarily something new in Kenya, but it is new that a large corporation is taking the initiative here, and providing the support to kickstart it in the form of business training, and other needed infrastructure.  They also provide water at the kiosk which has already been treated and is clean and safe!

Setting up a kiosk and providing business training to local women

Treating the water from the Sandu River

Crystal Clear and ready to Drink!

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