Why I Do It…

The girl in this photo wants to go to school…badly.


This is the reason I do it.  I would way, way rather spend my time focused on the plethora of reasons of what I need to do to help, rather than watch Survivor, The Voice, or whatever else people are watching on TV these days, go to the mall (never unless I absolutely HAVE to), or spend hours creeping around on Facebook or any other chat rooms. 


I guess I am one of those people that beleives we, yes I mean the collective group of citizens that live in a “have” nation, have an actual”capital R” Responsibility to do something to make a difference in this world.  That could be locally, or out there.  My personal resonance is with working out there in the world.  There are many that do not want to leave home and can do something locally.  I have a strong urge to showcase and help to educate people close to me as to what it is like in places that have a deeper struggle.  To connect people in ways they maybe didn’t think there was a connection.  Communities in Zambia, Haiti, etc, that is my hook.


My most recent work around FGM could never truly take place here in Vancouver, Canada.  I have been asked why I, a Canadian should be doing this.  My reply is, because it needs to be done, it has been presented to me, I have become involved when others have not, so it is my job.


Today I am making a donation with money I have raised to Project X Impact, to help the girls we have been working with in Kenya to secure another year of education.  Sol Garcia has set a goal of $500 in name of her birthday this June.  PLEASE JOIN US!!


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