Cameras 4 Change’s David Kiwanuka partners on a project in Uganda!!!


youth in Kampala show thier enthusiasm for working wtih video cameras

This is the first post from David, our videographer, as he shares his first hand experiences freshly returned from Uganda!
Cameras 4 Change is so excited to share his story!

I know its been quite a while and I had promised to keep you updated as the cameras where heading down to Uganda. For sure it was a great experience and I was moved by the power of these images from the jungles as you will see for yourself. 
I was working with an organization called Sawa World which believes that within each particular community with challenges, there are extra ordinary people that have actually found solutions to these challenges, and are helpful to their community in that way. So Sawa World enables youth within the same community to document and share these solutions with other communities both locally and internationally. Citizen Journalism is something that we support at Cameras 4 Change.  Believe it or not, sharing of this knowledge on a grass-root  level has been such a magnificent component to replication of these solutions in other communities.

As the film specialist, who was supposed to pass on my skills to the selected youth, on how to make documentaries and use the power of the lens to tell the stories, I was so moved with how passionate they were, eager for knowledge and hungry for experience. These boys and girls were so smart and so dedicated to the 5 week program which was so intense. We identified 3 extra-ordinary leaders from different communities that we managed to make documentaries about, and by the end of the program, although exhausted, the knowledge at our disposal was enormous. The places we had been to had broken down and mended us, the stories we found touched our hearts and I could see what nature and humanity is all about. These were youth from communities that had challenges, but on visiting other more challenged communities, they were touched, concerned and hoped for a change in these communities. I could go on & on about these experiences but I believe a picture has more words than I can write. See for your self and more will be on the way direct from the now trained youth. 

a Beautiful Panoramic shot of Kampala


David Kiwanuka (3rd from left) with his team in Kampala



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