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We all do it on a daily basis, we continue to grow, learn, and continue in the life long process of transformation.  The other day I was speaking to Lori Lucas, a yoga teacher and ambassador for many different organizations/foundations, one of them being Shanti Uganda, who are doing phenomenal work in Uganda for Maternal Health Care.  As she so succinctly put it “We won the Lotto”.  No, she didn’t mean it literally, but figuratively, as in, we are living here in the Western World, in one of the most sought after cities to live in in North America.  Even if we were living anywhere on this continent, we have still won the lotto in comparison to most of the rest of the world.


Sometimes people wonder why I would make the choice to fundraise and work for others in places like Africa and Haiti.  The answer to that is in the lotto! If you live here, you have access to pretty much anything you need in order to “make” it.  The tools are here, you just have to use them.  I am trying to help in areas where they do not have the tools, no, not even the most basic needs like water and sanitation.  Food may be scarce, as well as the possibility to become educated.  In many areas, if you are a girl, it becomes even more tangibly difficult.  Top that with governments that may be stressed to implement any infrastructure, or perhaps are laced with more corruption than we are used to.  These are the people that I want to assist, and I want you to help me.  So expand your mind, expand your heart, see the possibility to do something bigger than yourself.  This month of July, a month when many of you may be planning a holiday, what bathing suit to buy, what multitude of clothes to purchace from the many sales, please consider that $25 towards a girls education in Kenya will EXPAND her life, and many around her.  I am trying to raise $500 by the end of July for 1 year of room, board and tuition for a girl in Kenya.  EXPAND by donating here , we can issue tax reciepts for American Donars as our partner Project X Impact is a registered Charity in the U.S.


These photos show the world what it is like at Ilbissil Secondary School for Girls, a place that offers spaces to girls that need protection from FGM and Child Marriage.  They offer room and board, protection and education.  $500 covers basic tuition and a world of difference.


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