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Just had a look with fresh eyes at the Waves of Change website containing some of my original images from Zambia, India and Haiti. I am so happy that the site now has a link on the front page to view the Exhibit Images! Thank you CAWST! So many people that could not make it to the Exhibits over the past couple of years can now view it online!

Revisiting the imagery and the heartfelt stories written by Melanie Jones reignites my passion for this theme. It was an amazing experience I am thankful for. Take a look and see what it stirs up for you, send one of the e-postcards and spread the word!




1.  Following a Water Delivery Lady in Petite Riviere, Haiti, it was difficult to keep up with this tiny woman carrying 40 lb buckets of water on her head all day!

2.  I met this delightful woman in Lika, an area stricken with malnutrition, lack of seed, fertilizer and clean water.  She has seen and survived so much.

3.  This young mother with her child in Lika seemed in a daze in the extreme heat but had no clean drinking water on hand.  I became hyper aware on this visit that many people living in this way are succeptable to dehydration on a daily basis.   Water is one of our basic needs, and clean water is key.

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