This girl is 9, she has been cut, married, beaten, frightened, and ran away, she is strong, she wants an education. 


This girl was in school one day, and the next she was circumcised by three older tribeswomen that came at her with a razer, they caught her from behind and held her down; she felt she would faint from the pain, she was 14.  She ran to a safe place, and is protected for now. This girl prays to go back to school, sometimes she sees her family in the street and says hello.

This girl was married at 9 yrs old for 2 years to a man in his 40’s, they had to put her in the landrover to take her, he beat her, she escaped at nite and stayed with the cattle, she prayed to God as she was afraid of the wild animals at night, she escaped by running to a school.  She wants to be a lawyer to help other girls.

This girl had her head shaved, wore a black Shuka and was held down by 3 old women she did not know who cut her.  She heard her Father negotiate her worth in cows, goats and blankets.  She ran to a school, at the age of 9; she wants to be a Doctor, she is 14.

This girl grew up taking care of her family’s cattle, she ran away when she learned of the cut, was sent home, cut with a razor without medicine, and then rescued before marriage when she was 9.  She works hard in school and wants people to know that cutting is bad.

This girl was found at 9 living with her husband of 40 years. She was awoken at 5am one morning, taken naked and poured ice-cold water over her body, she fainted when they cut her. She decided to run to a school one day when her husband was gone.  She has been in school now for 5 years.  After the cut she could not believe in herself, the Massai woman that circumcised her told her that now she was a “real woman”, but she thinks this is a lie, because when she was married she found she was still a young girl.

This girl was in school on a Friday, cut on a Saturday, married on a Sunday and rescued on a Monday.  She had never been away from her family or in a car until Sunday when she was married and taken to be with a much older man.  This girl is in severe shock, she is12, but she will move forward.

This girl was married at 13 for 3 years. When she was 9 she received the cut, she lost a lot of blood and could not get up for a week.  It took 1 month for the pain to go, they kept her legs tied together with a rope.  She was married soon after to a man that was 38.  “The encounter of love with someone you don’t love is impossible, you are going to a house and leaving all you love.”  She looked after the husband, his 3 wives and 26 children.  She tried to escape to her Father, but he sent her back and she was beaten.  She escaped a second time and again was sent back, this time a stranger came with ropes, tied her up and she was beaten by 3 different men.  She asks the world to “Please give the children opportunity”

This girl has an 8 month old baby fathered by the husband of a “good Samaritan” whose home she was hiding at to avoid beatings from her widowed father.  After it was discovered she was pregnant, the good Samaritan started beating her with a pipe but she was finally able to run back home.  When she returned home her Father had her circumcised, and she gave birth 2 weeks later.  Because of the cut, no one was allowed to go in and help her with the birth, she was all alone and 14.  She now waits for a sponsor so she can go to school.  She has a smile on her face.

These girls rock, they are strong, they are smart, they deserve a chance at life.  They are heroes. Please support programs for girls affected by FGM, and forced Child Marriage.  Thankyou…

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