This quote “liked” by my muse is my inspiration for today!  I totally agree with this, when we are pushing is when we experience the most growth, the most knowledge and the most of life.  If we never explored our outer limits we would all be stuck back in the womb! 


I really laugh when I think back to my late 20’s, whenever I heard of people traveling to Africa and India, all I could think about was how afraid I would be of the unknown kinds of creepy crawly’s if I ran into them!  Even funnier when on my very first night in Africa with Melanie Jones we sat in a living room, pondering Zambia.  We were locked inside a house with iron gates, guards outside, and even more gates, but no one was there to protect us when the biggest baddass spider crawled up behind Melanie on the couch!  We both jumped, screamed, and ultimately had to deal with it ourselves.


In reality our comfort zone was being truly desensitized over the following days when we rolled into Mapallo, Mackenzie and George.  3 small “illegal” settlements where life was no-where near anything we knew or had seen before, as we covered an unfolding story of the World Water Crisis.  We wondered a lot over the next few weeks, but became accustomed quickly to that life, and shared it with the people we met there, grew to love them in fact, and cried when we left.  Returning back to Canada 2 months later, I wanted North American life to cease and desist, I wanted only to return to the uncomfortable life that had become my comfort zone. 



It is not for everyone, the love of venturing to places like that, but whenever I return to Africa, the first thing that greets me is the warm air, laced with the sweet smell of smoke, and I take comfort from that strangely enough, because I know I am in a place where life and death is played out in the blink of an eye, that reality makes you love life


Walking through a doorway to the

unknown can be difficult, but life is an experience!


One of the first African Homes I went into was a cross cultural experience, seeing how people live, I didn’t know how much it would effect me.

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