Last night I had a premonition that all things are possible.  That we don’t have to suffer our way through life, or struggle towards joy.  That maybe we can simply “be” joyful, and be happy in life.  I am choosing this right now.  I love my life, I love the work I do, and on a daily basis I choose to meet interesting, inspiring people, and guess what, that is what happens.


This past weekend I gave a presentation at DIGITAL EXPO 2011 in Calgary, an amazing weekend for photographers with guest speakers, trade equipment and most importantly, community!  I spoke about my work as a humanitarian photographer, defining what it means from my perspective, how it differs from photo-journalism, and the direction it is taking me. 


Crucial to the way I operate, is the theme of connection.  That is how I work in field, by truly connecting with others, looking past the situations and circumstances that separate us, and aligning myself with them on a human level.  In taking photos that tell their story, my intention is to reconnect others to them.  What I often find is that despite their often extremely challenging lives, underneath that I am meeting interesting, inspiring people.  That the more severe the situation, the more uniquely brave, amazing and rewarding are the individuals I work with.  Here are a few, and I look forward to many more that I will never forget.


#1I met these women by getting up at dawn to walk around the village of Karikudi in the Chettinad region of India to beat the heat of the day.  They were on their way to wash at the lotus pond!

#2 These children were all set to have fun, love the superhero poses!

#3  I love animals and saw many in sub-Saharan Africa, India and Haiti, but this guy was the most friendly, it was hard to leave him.


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