BLOG ACTION DAY 2011 : FOOD 4 CHANGE (meals I have known)

When I found out that Blog Action Day 2011 was themed around food I was excited!  Working around the world in communities that don’t ever have anything like a 4 or 5 star restaurant, I always look forward to the local delicacies, and have experienced some of the most amazing meals ever in some of the most surprising places!  Food is important to each and every one of us, and some take it to a different level, but we all need it to live, grow and survive on this earth.  Many don’t have choices in the matter, and many more are starving in conditions that we cannot imagine.  While working in Africa, India and Haiti, I have seen the effects of severe malnutrition, and it is of course one of the saddest things to witness, especially when we know it really is not necessary.  I have been also fortunate to share meals with families that had very little but the food they had simply prepared to offer us, which always blew me away and opened my heart even more.  I want to share with you two of my most favorite dishes, one from Zambia, and one from Southern India!  FOOD CONNECTS US!


1.  Corn mixed with Ground Nuts courtesy of Gladys Katongo in Mapalo Zambia

Whole corn kernels are pulverized and stewed until soft, and then mashed and  mixed with some sugar and ground nuts (peanuts).  It was delicious!!!


2. Fried Cabbage from Mangaiyarkarasi a lovely 45 year mother in the village of Pasphavanam near the Tsunami region in the Bay of Bengal.  She served us the most incredible lunch, which was a fried fish with this Cabbage Dish.  Get ready to fall in love!


Finely chopped cabbage, chopped green onions, a small amount of shredded coconut, a few green chillies, a bit of tumerac, mustard seed and curry leaves.  Dry fry in a pan or wok and serve warm!!!


LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL – If you like these recipes, be part of Food 4 Change and make a $10 donation to the following:



Project X Impact




We all work in different ways to bring sustainability, transformation and positive change to lives and communities that wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.




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