In rural coastal Kenya you have to get up pretty early to be the first one at the well.  On a drive from Mombassa inland working with P&G’s Greg Allgood, Keith Call from World Vision and members from CARE, we came across a well teaming with women, children and buckets.  I scanned the crowd and walked towards a young woman with a serious look on her face.  I asked her name, it was Alice and she was 22; but she did not want me to take her picture.  As we continued to talk I learned that she had to walk ½ an hour to get to the well, with her day beginning around 3am, sometimes she make as many as 6 trips per day.  This is time spent away from her 2 young children, and time she could be putting towards so many other things but instead she is spending 4 hours a day for water. Alice was with a neighbour, and as we talked she finally let a smile out when I asked her again if I could photograph her.  I walked a ways up the road with her and her friend, and tried to imagine her life, the length of the road ahead, but really just enjoyed walking with her.  Thank you Alice

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