Last night as I turned on the news I saw something unexpected.  Not the normal North American newsreel, or civil unrest that is going on seemingly all over the world, but a video clip from China, of a toddler being run down in the street, and then left for over 7 minutes as people walk by, around her, and do nothing.  Then horrifically another vehicle comes down the narrow paved street and runs her over a second time, stopping to see it is a small human, and driving off.  Finally she is rescued by a well-meaning samaritan woman.  Sadly after 2 weeks of trying to save her tiny life, she died.  Heartbreaking for so many reasons, wrong for so many reasons, and why? for so many reasons.  Where is humanity in China when this can happen, and equally important, it happens in so many different ways all over the world. And we are all ultimately responsible in this, and so I plead to anyone reading this to send love and compassion into the world with our thoughts and actions. 


This image was originally posted by my friend Christina Gomez from Project X Impact



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