BA in DF with IU

Today was definitely badass, and will go down as one of those days that are memorable in that badass way.  My second day as Sol Garcia and myself explore the world and work through the Mexican NGO Isla Urbana.  Today I learned that to be full of shit is actually a good thing, that is if you are a BioBolsa (a 10 meter long bio-bag that when filled with animal excrement ferments it into useable methane (to fuel your stove) and fertilizer for your crops at the same time!  We visited several homes in the pueblos of Tlalpan where there is no water from the Delegacion (the city) and the people rely on Pipas (water delivery trucks) and now, rainwater harvesting through Isla Urbana.  We met an amazing woman, Guille, who is for sure the most badass woman in the hills of Llano of San Miguel!  She has been fighting for years to have the Delegacion give the community access to water.  But now she is part of a pilot project to implement the rainwater harvesting systems, and is bringing her community together to have the same systems.  You gotta love it!  The last 24 hours have also included a visit to a street tacquera, El Cunado, and of course some tequila before bed!  Tomorrow night a big party at an amazing labyrinth, to celebrate David Vargas, el presidente of Solucione Pluvial!  Can I say it again…yes…badass!



1.&2. the offices of Isla Urbana

3. David Vargas conducts a meeting outside with Edgar, a recent intern

4. Chile Reyenos curtesy of Carmen the amazing kitchen maven at IU

5. Part of the Team, Carrie, Zach, Terian, Jen and Hiram!

6. Scaling rooftops to check out recently installed systems

7. Waiting to access a community participants home for a followup

8. I get “the eye” from a community participants daughter

9. Guille, an amazing community activist sounding the call for IU

10. Jen White points out the benefits of the BioBolsa

11. Sol and I outside a greenhouse

12. The best Tacos ever are just a few meters from where I’m staying (just sayin!)

13. Goodbye from the land of Dia de los Muertos



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