Do You Give a SH_T? You Should, its World Toilet Day!

As you leave your bathroom and maybe curse because there is no toilet paper left, consider yourself lucky cus you have a toilet that works!  For many people in the world, there is no option of a private toilet facitliy, or even any toilet facility.  They may hike into the nearby woods, fields, or nearest water source, stream or river to relieve themselves.  Not only is this undignified, but it is also a leading cause of illness and disease.  World Toilet Day is highlighting the need for much more awareness and support that is necessary to make a change, and for people to have the ability to use toilets or facilities that are safe and hygenic, and not contributing to illness and disease.

If you have not given to any causes this year, please consider a donation to an organization that works in water and sanitation.  Here are some of my favorite orgs that help to raise safety in sanitation throughout the world.


A Calgary based organization that has made huge strides over the past decade in the lives of millions!

SOIL     –

Based in Haiti, they turn human waste into black gold with a composting outhouse!  Brilliant!

IRRI      – or

their Biobolsa bag turns animal waste into fuel for cooking and fertilizer – I think that might be a double dip for renewable resources!

It doesn’t have to be much, any size donation will make you feel amazing, try it and see!


!.  SOIL works in Haiti where there is a huge need for so much work to be done in the sanitation arena.  I first witnessed their efforts here in Shada, a slum area in Northern Haiti in the city of Cap-Haitian.

2. The Indominitable Sasha Kramer, SOIL is her baby, and their work has become an important stepping stone in changing the lives of Haitians, now based in Port-au-Prince and working in areas like Site Soley, they offer an amazing system to answer the need of toilets, sanitation, and renewing waste into a useful fertilizer.

3. The Biobolsa in DF Mexico, I love what this 10 meter bio bag can do. You can see it behind myself and Jen White of Isla Urbana who are partnering with thier sister organization IRRI/Sistema Biobolsa to change animal waste into fuel and fertilizer!

4.  You put it in one end and in 5 weeks you can fuel a cookstove 24/7 as well as increase your crops with a rich compost/fertilizer that also comes out the other end!

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