In the past year alone I have witnessed both throughout the world and right here in Canada amongst friends and through work how big a swath HIV/AIDs creates when it effects someone’s life.  Yes is can be catastrophic, but more and more, HIV/AIDs is becoming a way of life for all those that are affected by it.  There are many different faces and in reality it is part of our world and ultimately we are all changed and effected by it.  That is why we should all be a part of the equation when it comes to supporting organizations that work to help in the HIV crisis.  Sure, we can all buy jeans from the GAP, or other products, but sometimes it is good to be a little more direct and really reach out.  I am asking my friends and readers of this blog to give a donation, no matter what size to one of the following organizations in honor of WORLD AIDs DAY:

These are 4 organizations working in amazing ways that I have personally had contact with, visited and know people that work for them, and I know they all need help.  You can choose to make a difference at a local or international level.  I have also provided you with links directly to the donate page to make it even easier.  And for everyone that provides me with a proof of any size donation, I will be happy to send you something special, a prepared file to download, print and frame of the above image (without the text!) in honor of World Aids Day 2011.  The image is from a recent trip working in Mexico Just let me know what size you want, 8×10, 11×17 etc.  Much love….xxx…Cate

SWAP – Safe Water and AIDs PROJECT in Kisumu Kenya

Partners in Health – ZANMI LASANTE – In Haiti

AIDS Vancouver

AIDS Calgary…//

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