International Volunteer Day 2011

It is International Volunteer Day 2011.  We are constantly being asked to give of ourselves, money, time, energy.  Here in our western world, it may feel like we are bombarded with requests, and it can be overwhelming when we feel we already have so much to deal with.  Years ago when I began my journey working with meaning, and pursuing a career as a photographer working in development, it never occurred to me how much it would change my life.  I really understand that I cannot do all that is asked, but I do choose to look at the requests as opportunities, because when I give it actually benefits me too! I began by working internationally and will always be involved now.  I have recently began to work locally here in Vancouver, using my skills as a homeopath working in Vancouver’s DownTown East Side (DTES)


For the past 6 months I have been volunteering with Side by Side, a homeopathic not-for-profit clinic that operates through the Portland Housing Society, a Non profit housing society that provides supportive living space for the hardest ‘hard to house ‘ people in the DTES for those with no other options.  I am happy to work there and find it gives me so much and is in tune with my international work. All of this has parlayed into a way of life and put me on the road that I am most grateful for.  It has enriched me beyond my belief and encouraged me to keep on believing in the world and in humanity.  Cameras4Change is developing because of my wish to continue to make a difference and give a gift to people in the form of finding their true direction and in opening the door to creativity.  I have also had so many amazing people come forward to help me with this, and I am sincerlely in awe of others.   Thanks to all of the people that volunteer the world over, we appreciate your heart and hands and all of the hard work you do. 

3 of my favorite people to volunteer with! Heidi Hurst, Sol Garcia and Christina Gomez in Kenya as we meet with girls at a local school

I want to personally thank the following people that have personally helped me:  Sandra Van Den Brink, Barb Briggs, Becky Mear, Thea Grivakes, Gillian Harrow,  Sol Garcia, Christina Gomez, Andrea Kennedy from Logic Pony, Lynn Slobogian.  These are only a few and forgive me if I have left anyone out, but I am indebted to all that work to make a difference!

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