Let’s get Real in 2012

 Unbelievable it is another new year, a traditional time to look back and also look forward.  It is perfect really as we crest out of the shortest day of the year, hopefully have a few days off  work, and distress from the last of the hustle and bustle of Christmas.  I could write a post about all of my accomplishments in the past 12 months, a litany of positive outflowings, but life is more than just our positives.  I just read an article on how Facebook is actually making us miserable as people typically post only the good things, which we then all compare ourselves to.  I am all for seeing the bright side, but I have to admit, that at times I have wondered if it almost creates a false placebo not much better than some kind of diversion to reality.


I have had an incredibly successful year if I only consider half of my life and look at only my accomplishments, all of the high points.  I realize I might be really letting myself open to conjecture on this topic, but I am going to be real, so here goes.  I have also had a lot of really low points, in the gutter, on my knees, kind of stuff.  I can only speak for myself, but I am sensitive, and perhaps I worry too much (most of the time!).  There is some ugly stuff that goes on in this world, and no matter how many daily quotes I get telling me that the answer to the woes are to see the bright side, focus on the positive, see a different reality ahead, it does not take away from way too many facts of truth about our society, our communities and ourselves.


On the other side, experiencing, no really, experiencing and really feeling the lows and working your way out of them can give you a gift, a tool of “how to” if you will ride the waves and the troughs of life; because we need to be able to cope with both ends.  When we really feel both the ups, the downs and the in-betweens, that is the fabric of life, and that is beautiful too.

Photos below from Ale España for Isla Urbana in DF Mexico

Isla Urbana installed rainbarrel harvesting systems for the Huichol, as the work was happening, they also created artwork with the children in the community! 

I just got news yesterday that Cameras4Change is partway through the registration to Non-Profit, yaay.  I am scared to death, but also allowing myself the time to feel that and continue to move forward feeling what it is all about.  I am researching programs to add to our C4C workshops, things that will enhance the process, and in that flow I am learning, growing and adding which feels fantastic.


PS  my resolution is to spend more time with real people, doing less on the computer, do more yoga and more handson art, and continue…

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