Desire and Action

Within the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand

— Abraham


Sometimes things happen that just are not within our framework or control.  Did we usher it forward in some inter-connected-psychic-glactic-way?  Or did it just happen?  Are we masters of our world, or just some flotsam and jetsam, bobbing along the highways of life? That is the question that I am sure many people ask when bad things happen to them, to thier loved ones, or to their world. 

I have asked this question myself within the realm of experiencing the lives of others that are living in extreme poverty, or unduly challenging situations.  Why, who is in control here, what forces are allowing some to have and others to have not?  I decided that this was not a great use of my time and energy, at the end of the day these are merely circumstances, and circumstances are not who we are, but we are more about how we deal with circumstances.

This allows me to connect more freely with whomever I meet, and allows me to work in a much more effective way.  This is my desire, to not only reach out myself and connect with others, but to help them do the same, and to create a system that supports them to do this in a creative way by providing them with the skills to do that.  That is my work and that is what Cameras 4 Change is about.


attached photo and film clip, I am working with young Kenyan girls that had run away from thier


family’s to escape FGM and live in a safe school, needless to say they melted my heart.

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Without People you are Nothing


You never know where or who you are going to learn something from.  I have learned the most amazing things working in the most remote villages; even perhaps my biggest life lessons and that is the truth.  I love this quote by the iconic musician Joe Strummer, lead singer of one of the all time great bands, the Clash.

“people can change anything they want to. And that means everything in the world. People are running about following their little tracks – I am one of them. But we’ve all got to stop just following our own little mouse trail. People can do anything – this is something that I’m beginning to learn. People are out there doing bad things to each other. That’s because they’ve been dehumanised. It’s time to take the humanity back into the center of the ring and follow that for a time. Greed, it ain’t going anywhere. They should have that in a big billboard across Times Square. Without people you’re nothing. That’s my spiel.”

This quote resonated with me in a big way, and so I wanted to share it.  I watched the documentary “The Future is Unwritten”, a film by the enigmatic Julian Temple.  I grew up with the clash, my early 20’s, then living in central London, he was part of my musical map as a young adult.  I had forgotten what a force Joe Strummer was, but equally as important as his creative endeavors, was his mean streak of humanity, which seemed to match his equally strong quality of antiestablishmentarianism.  I love that, an artist with true passion for the human being, and the guts to stand up for it.

Joe if he were still alive, with his love of life, amazing creative force and love of humanity, would likely have delved even deeper into causes close to his heart; but the wisdom in his words still remain to remind us of the succinct truth that people can and are capable of anything, and that without people, we are nothing.  So when our society realizes this and perhaps puts people ahead of money, we will attain something worthwhile. 

I have said this before, and I will say it again, until we get off of our little tracks and look around, we will never get to where we think we need to be going, because, alas dear friends, we are here, right now; and if we can then attach this feeling to humanity, reach out and do something for someone else, then we are truly where we need to be.  Honest, just try.


1.  Although we did not speak the same language, we still communicate, I loved meeting this young girl who sacrificed much to help her mother.

2.  This puppy in the south of India taught me about trust, in a country where many dogs are mistreated, he was willing to trust me.

3.  It can be challenging to stay open to others, especially when you see them come towards you in the middle of a field with an axe, but it was worth making the connection, he was kind and happy to meet me!