Back to Basics #WaterWednesday

It has been a really busy kick off for 2012 and feels like I have not been able to get into my blog groove with so much going on.  The good news is that C4C is just about to launch as a registered Non-Profit, we have been very busy in the background pulling together all kinds of paperwork, preparations, and plans for a fundraiser this April.  This work along with my regular work has chewed up all kinds of hours.  So in honour of the essence of what we do I wanted to get back to the basics and post something for Water Wednesday. 

For inspiration I only needed a quick look at my twitter feed.  Thanks   who posted “Could U walk 6K evry day w/40 lbs strapped to your back?

It took me back to the beginning of my involvement with CAWST international, an amazing water org that I partnered with to bring awareness to the world water crisis. 


Here are a few images I would like to share again with you.  Happy Water Wednesday!

!.  Women in Nagapattinum India labor to clean our a local water storage tank.

2. Locals in Blue Hills Haiti have to push for the right to glean the last bits of “good” water from the only working well at the time in the village.

3. A Water Delivery woman carrying 40 lbs on her head makes one of many trips that day to a house in Petite Riviere de l’Artibonite.

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