Today is World Water Day

If it were not for beginning my journey into the world of Humanitarian Photography with CAWST capturing the lives of those without access to clean water, I would not have experienced some of the most amazing things in my life.  Water does indeed change everything! Water is Life!

Join us on April 19th!

Cameras4Change is hosting HANDSUP! our first fundraising event in support of an arts based program for girls in Kenya affected by gender violence, generously sponsored and supported by Moroccanoil and John Fluevog Shoes.

Join us for an evening of Art, Wine, Food, Live Entertainment and Live and Silent Auction.

Tickets $25 per person (please scroll down to the orange “purchase tickets” to buy) or if you are unable to attend but wish to support us you can make a donation below.

For more information on the evenings events please visit tab at the top of this page “HANDSUP! an event in support of girls in Kenya


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*Please note that once you purchase tickets online, your name will automatically appear on our list, you will not recieve any tickets in the mail, but will need the name under which the tickets were purchased at the door, ID, or your paypal reciept.

HANDSUP! is coming up!

We will be posting our ticket info and event location in the next couple of days, just waiting to dot a couple of the i’s and cross the t’s but I am excited about this event.  Please mark your calender and stay tuned any minute for the next step!  C4C will be raising funds to run a program in Kenya with girls affected by FGM/Gender Violence.  So please, if you are in Vancouver, please SAVE THE DATE!  if you are not, you will still be able to join us in support and see everything we are up to through this website and twitter as we have some exciting announcements to make!



International Women’s Day 2012

I want to give my heart and gratitude to all of the amazing women in my life, right now the women that have been involved with forming Cameras4Change are an amazing group of diversely creative and talented beautiful ladies!  Thank you!!  This day brings into focus that one of the key ways to bring transformation to communities that need change, is through working with and supporting the women.  I have seen that and experienced it first hand working hand in hand with partners throughout the world. 

Below is an image of the women of Blue Hills in Haiti whom I met and allowed me to photograph them.  The experience was amazing, they all lined up and one by one waited to have thier portrait taken, with help I got each name and created this as a gift back to them.  It was such an intimate process to look into all of thier eyes while taking the picture, I felt connected.  At the time they lived in an area that had only 3 wells, of which only 1 worked part of the time, and even then the water was not safe to drink. CAWST has since been working in partnership with PAIDEH on a Bio Sand Filter project, training some of the women to become local technicians!


Here is a link to a small collection of images that I exhibited a couple of times last year, the photos are with text but I think can speak for themselves.  Enjoy and express your thanks today to women in your life!


My Heartfelt thanks to: Barb Briggs, Sol Garcia, Christina Gomez, Erica Duff, Thea Grivakes, Gillian Harrow, Kimberley French, Sofie Marricks, Donnalee Langton, Katherine Craig, Elyssia Patterson, Melanie Jones, Roberta McDonald, and countless more women whom have aided and assisted us.

A Different Night


Sol and I at Monday Night Mission in DTLA

Recently I was lucky to spend a few days in Los Angeles, my former city many years ago.  This was a very different trip, at a different time in my life.  I was able to team up with my partner Sol Garcia of Project X Impact in her home town, we are normally working in places like Pokot Kenya.  Sol has been volunteering with an interesting group led by one man who had an idea to help.  Mel Tillekeratne saw an opportunity to reach out into a community of people that most Los Angelians don’t want to really see, the people on Skid Row.  For anyone that has spent much time living in LA, you will have heard of Skid Row, every city has their own version, here in Vancouver we have the DTES (Down Town East Side).  Mel saw the need and the method as simple as that, they need food and clothing, and so we will bring it.  He began Monday Night Mission and it has now evolved into 4 nights a week where anyone that wants to meets up at the Burger King on Cesar Chavez Blvd in DTLA where they will work together making sandwiches.  Then a small convoy of cars takes the sandwiches along with some hot donated food, toiletries and sometimes clothing to distribute to those that want it. This is done in an orderly fashion, as many as 250 people come and line up to hear their name called out and recieve some food. 


Mel Tillekeratne with Sol

Mel ensures the safety as much as possible of those that come to volunteer as well as the local participants, but it is a lively and sometimes unpredictable group that live within the confines of this unseen area of LA.  He is one of the most sincerely dedicated individuals that I have witnessed.  His ability to both create parameters to work within the situation is challenging, but he also offers comfort to individuals that are distressed.  More often than not, it is the capacity to simply be present, show that there is value in just that, basic human connection and caring.  Please visit thier Facebook Page and show support, and if you live in LA, go out one night for a few hours to 700 West Cesar e Chavez Ave to the Burger King at 7.30, it could create something big in you too!