where are you coming from?

I have said this before and now seems a pertinent time to say it, but #PhotographyHeals!  It may seem almost too simple, and perhaps that is why it is true because of it’s purity.  You ask anyone and I am pretty sure they will agree.  Many of my most memorable childhood memories are imortalized in photographs.  As a child I spent hours upon hours looking at photographs, of myself when I was a baby (fervent!) and of my parents when they were young, of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins at different points in their lives. My favorite magazines were LIFE and National Geographic, all of these helped me to understand the context of my life, and where I was in the world. 

What if that aspect of our lives never existed, or was lost, as in the case of my mother whose home was burnt to the ground when she was young?  This came up recently when I spoke with Jeff Topham of Liberia77, an amazing photo project and documentary film about the people in Liberia who lost their connection to thier past photographically due to civil war.  Many destroyed or had to be hidden.  This drastically affected the conciousness of a country.

As I draw near to a personally important date for Cameras4Change April 19th, the question “Where are you coming from?” has a deep meaning.  If you don’t know where you are coming from, you may not know how to go forward.  This may be magnified in the lives of those that face severe challenges or have been through trauma, and the simple use of a camera, a photograph, and the documentation of yourself and your life can bring many things into perspective.  This is the essense of what Cameras4Change is about, a subtle shift in how we view ourselves, our lives and our world to help us tranformatively move forward.  #PHOTOGRAPHYHEALS

Photographing girls in Kenya affected by fgm


Youth in Haiti engaging in thier own work at the end of a C4C workshop


Please join us April 19th if you are in Vancouver to raise money for C4C to run a workshop with girls in Kenya affected by fgm, for more info click here


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