It has been a while since I have blogged or
posted. Partly because of a nasty flu right after our event in April, partly because my other work as a set still photographer has kept me busy, and also because of a little but of burnout! I think it is important to say that we all need breaks from certain things that are demanding of us, sometimes the most important thing is to do nothing at all! Oh, and also, I am moving!

But last night felt like I was getting back, returning to business as normal, resurfacing for that breath of fresh air! A great night with my C4C”wing-girls” Thea Grivakes and Gillian Harrow! First, a meet and greet with some amazing folks from The Compassionate Eye Foundation, Robert Brown , Susan McDonald, Rob Daley and Sue Dick! Then on to Dignity Vancouver 2012, an event in support of The Acumen Fund for Global Poverty, at Vancouver Urban Winery.

Getting back into the swing of Cameras4Change business confirmed that
It is easy to become overwhelmed in our world, and reminds me of people I have met working in field, very much over whelmed by the extreme poverty and life issues they have to face every day. It can mask any bit of joy or hope inside of you. It takes alot of effort to rise through that. The images and photos up for auction last night were a testament to lives living this way, very powerful and truthfully beautiful! It gives me hope to know so many of us want to see transformation, and that photography truly has the capacity to assist in change!

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