AIDS2012 Diary Day 3

Each day here brings a new whirlwind of activity!  Today there are a number of AIDS Marches happening, one which had a meetup spot right next to our exhibit!  There were sign carrying activists of all ages, sex workers with red umbrellas, unimaginable color and energy creating a huge din!  I have had hundreds of visitors again to view the show, and even had an impromptu Spanish Lesson from a woman that has spent much time working in Oaxaca and other Latin American countries!  Gotta learn how to conjugate my verbs in prep for Isla Urbana next week!

Yesterday I had a surprising and stunning exchange, a beautiful woman from Uganda that is a Dr both here and in Uganda spoke with me for a while about the images that she found most powerful.  After talking with myself and another photographer, she heard me mention that Cameras4Change was going to be running workshops in Kenya focusing on FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).  She quitely touched my arm and said she had something she wanted to tell me.  When we finally got to speak alone, she wanted to tell me something she had never told anyone as an adult, about her experience as a grown woman being a victim of FGM as an infant!  We spoke and she agreed to be recorded, and so I captured her thoughts and views on the act, she gave consent that we could utilize them in our workshops.  It was such a powerful and poignant moment and I thank her deeply for sharing!

On flip of this, I am dedicated to working on my free t-shirt connections, have gotten a couple of nice ones, but my dream is to acquire a Partners in Health/ZanMeLaSante or a Medicines Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders Tshirt, but I hear they are very, very hard to get!  Here is to hope! 

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