AIDS2012 Diary Day 4 + link to GHOSTS&DREAMS

The word of the day is MANIFEST!  make it happen, and yesss it does!  Great energy here today as more and more people love the show.  I have had people from UNICEF, USAID, and many others come by and speak with me about the power of the photos and the stories behind them.  It is nice to know that the outcome I had hoped for in terms of how the images reach out and grab people is effective and effecting others.  I love watching people passing by, glance over and then zoom right in!

As I have been saying to folks here, we at Cameras4Change believe that photography is an integral part of the human experience, it helps to ground us, give us definition of who we are, where we come from and where we go from here! 

For those of you that have requested, and I should have had this up here long ago, here is the link to my personal website where the original version of GHOSTS&DREAMS:WaterWomen&HIV exists.  This has been updated for the venue here at AIDS2012, a few additions and some extra text which eventually I will recreate online, but for now:

1. people engaging with our exhibit

2. Sex workers on Stage

3. Barbara, one of our first visitors keeps coming back!

4. Some younger visitors!


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