Ordinary is the new Black

Some days seem more difficult than others to get through, let alone to commence with something that we can label as fantastic at the end of the day!  Hell, sometimes I feel that if I arrive on time and in one piece, that I have won the race!  So I get it when others ask me, how do you find the time and energy to do work for Cameras4Change?  We are a volunteer run non-profit organization, myself and a few other amazing women so far that have put an incredible amount of time into this machine!  Also, coffee, wine, laughter, and even anxiety, but most of all hope and commitment to what we feel is right.


After talking with my always inspiring partner and friend Sol Garcia, I realized we all share something in common in terms of our day to day manifesto.  It is about doing our bit, not just for our organizations, but for life, the community, humanity and for our world.  That may sound a little over glorified, but it is really a creedo that is simple and can work in a micro way for macro results.  That means everyday giving on some level, it may not be noticed by anyone but you.  It may be some minute detail, that you will never get credit for, that will not put you on the TEDstage, that will never be in the papers or on the internet, not even Facebook friends know.  It will likely be some small accomplishment, or random act of kindness (even smiling at the stranger you work with, can make a difference).


Right now C4C work is building as I prepare to take a body of work to Washington DC for exhibit in the Global Village at the world AIDS2012 conference.  I am excited, we have SQUEEZE CREATIVE in Calgary helping us with a leaflet that looks super slick, and then it is on to work in DF Mexico with our friends at Isla Urbana.  Ongoing, we are in prep mode for a dedicated project in Kenya to run a C4C program for girls affected by FGM.  As I have another “job” that keeps me occupied sometimes for 14 hours a day, it can be difficult to find the time to weave in all the things that need to happen to keep C4C ticking along on schedule.  With the help of my board we manage to do it.  All of our ordinary actions, editing, checking, supporting each other all add up to some extraordinary consequences.  Who knows what is next!! 


Muchos besos a Julia y Brianne en Squeeze y Thea y Gillian en C4C xxx


1. The human experience is sometimes all new to us

2.  Sometimes you just have to reach out

3. These children in the Chettinad region of India brought me a lotus after seeing me photograph a pond full of them!

4. A smile can translate an infinity of positivity, a woman weaver in the southeast of India.

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