Know your rights

The right to freedom of expression is at the heart of what we do and what we are creating here at C4C!  We are super excited to be able to work with some of the world’s coolest people in Kenya this November, The Maasai Girls Education Fund, and Heshima Kenya!  The ability to use artistic means to express yourself is really a pillar of the human condition and experience, and we are proud to be providing access to young people and allowing them to showcase thier voices in a visual way.  Really, it can’t get cooler than that.  Imagine if you had never held a camera before, and suddenly you are holding one!  A simple thing in essence, but there is alot of power in that moment that we take for granted.  Young people and technology seem to synch very easily, so it is almost a natural progression when they have the opportunity.  The need to understand for the power of use also makes the teaching process easy too.  Then the magic happens, they engage with us, with each other, with their community and all sorts of possiblity comes forth. 

Cameras 4 Change will be running 2 workshops this November, please stay tuned to this blog and join us on our journey.  We have lots of exciting things to share with you and with them!


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