Awe of Epic Proportions


Hurricane Sandy

This has been a weird day, from a powerful earthquake 48 hours ago in my province BC in Canada, to Hurricane Sandy that has affected friends from Haiti to NYC I feel in awe of nature.  It is strangely unsettling to think that we really have no choice in matters like these, other than to find a way to endure it and deal with it. 

I have just donated to my friends in Haiti at SOIL who are undergoing a huge crisis to help after the hurricane, there are so many people that are still living under tarps after the 2010 earthquake.  SOIL are an amazing organization that focus on sanitation, one of the biggest issues in Haiti, and they do amazing work.  I personally also know so many that are enduring extreme personal challenges in all sorts of ways right now. 


SOIL, an organiztion in Haiti that focus on Sanitation, a huge issue that is magnified after a hurricane

Cameras4Change is about to embark on one of our most important projects to date, our trip to Kenya to run 2 workshops, one with Heshima Kenya, and the other with The Maasai Girls Education Fund.  While there we are travelling with a few amazing friends.  Our girl Sol Garcia from Project X Impact, and a very special team member for this trip, Shannon Kohli, a camera operator and director of photography.  Shannon will be filming for us as we begin the process of documenting a very special group of girls participating in our workshops.  We want to highlight the role of art in development, this will be an amazing opportunity and we feel so lucky to have Shannon working with us!

We as an organization have also been involved in our Final Push to Kenya Campaign, and the resonse has been wonderful.  We are so touched by the action of so many of our friends and supporters.  We have just reached the 2K mark and it has been an incredible response, fueled by many different folks from all around the world!  I love that people have responded into action, it means that you connect with what we are doing, it means we are all on the right track and we are all part of this together!

When there is so much going on, when the world is such a crazy place, I feel more than ever that it is important to do what we feel we must.  That is why our team here at Cameras4Change keeps on.  Our incredible team is all volunteer, and we are accomplishing some major amazing things, I am proud of us!!  

This time next month we will be finishing off our second workshop, I can only imagine what the experience will have been like, and what the participants will experience.  I can’t wait to put the cameras into the hands of these girls and see what they do with them.  I know it will be awe inspiring all over again!


Working in Kenya with girls affected by early Child Marriage and Female Circumsision (FGM)

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