More of The RRHOSM! (The “Real” Real Housewives of San Miguel)

This is the 3rd instalment which is also being published in Spanish!  You can read Part I and Part II

Part III – Eusebia Santana Gutierrez – Doing it for herself!

Eusebia is a true renaissance woman living in the San Miguel valley.  A single mom that recently moved to the area, she couldn’t afford to buy a home, so she built her own. Sitting on the corner with an amazing view and flanked by a variety of plants and flowers which she uses in her kitchen!  Her little home on the corner welcomes local residents every weekend when she sets up a stand that has the community returning for the delicious taste of her homemade “Pozoles”.

This was not always the case, Eusebia was previously a housecleaner, but long commutes to and from work left her with virtually no life of her own.  Her day began by traveling out at 5 am and not arriving home until 9pm at night.  When you meet Eusebia, the vibrancy and her love of life emanates, you can see why she wanted a different quality of life.  Eusebia loves the San Miguel valley and can not imagine living anywhere else.  Life has vastly improved in so many other ways since the decision came to work from home for herself, including the addition of a cistern and rainwater harvesting system from Isla Urbana (of course she dug the cistern herself!) plus, a solar paneled heating wall on the side of her home implemented by the students from UNAM, a university in DF.

It was a  delight to spend time with Eusebia, a walking textbook with knowledge of all of the local plants, used for cooking, headaches, and other medicinal uses!  She gifted us with Epazote for our frijoles negros, and gathered an assortmant of other fragrant herbs to use for a relaxing bath!  Spending time with Eusebia was like being with an old friend showing us her home and community in a unique way.  Gracias amiga!

1.  Eusebia

2&3  Eusebia’s home with an abundant kitchen garden

4.  The view from her front door down the valley

5.  Solar Panels on the side of her home installed by UNAM students help to keep her warm

6.  On a walk Eusebia naturally gathered a variety of plants, describing their uses to us

7.  Adios!

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