Day 1 Kenya-Off and Running!

Today will be the first day of our first workshop in Kenya with a group of participants from Heshima Kenya.  We met with the group briefly yesterday to introduce ourselves.  It was a hectic day as we are all newly arrived from half way around the world, a bit disorientated and jetlagged.  We found Heshima Kenya with a little help from our driver and it was like opening into another inner world driving into the compound.  There were a few girls coming and going with inquisitive looks and once we spoke with our points people there we got to meet outdoors under a tree with the group.

This group consists of students that are “unnacompanied minors” from other countries that live here in Nairobi.  These refugee children are separated from family and country, and all of this group have been taking part in a journalism program here at Heshima Kenya through a curriculum set up by Imgard, a journailsm graduate volunteering with the organization.  I loved that they all described themselves as “Journalists”, or “Journalism Students”!  Many have never held a camera before, so this will be a big experience for them and Imgard has told us they are all really excited to learn and take part.

Our Cameras4Change Team on the ground here worked really hard yesterday pulling all of the pieces together, we all helped to collect intake data from the participants, and our DP Shannon Kohli began filming a number of shots as we hit the ground running.  There is so much we need to accomplish in this short format 3 day program, so our work is cut out but it is super exciting to finally be rolling it all out.  We are all learning so much on every level, we are giving skills and time, but we are also learning so much from the crew here at Heshima, this group is amazing!

Huge high fives to everyone on the team here, Thea Grivakes & Gillian Harrow from C4C, Sol Garcia who is partnering with us from Project X Impact, and our Director of Photography Shannon Kohli!  Here We Go!

PS:  I have been so busy with the workshops that I am not really photographing as much, so will be making a few adjustments to that!  We are struggling to find internet, hence I am up to use the one internet stick at 3am!



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