Full Circle

Yesterday Cameras4Change wrapped up the second of two digital camera photo workshops in Kenya with ground partners Heshima Kenya and The Maasai Girls Eduction Fund.  We were a synchronized team of 5 women working together to bring skills, education and connection to girls in need.  Months of planning and work prior to was necessary to bring us here but did not match the level of fast paced work the team needed to provide for the groups we worked with.  We needed to remain flexible and always return to the essence of the reason we were here as we were thrown many curves that could have changed the outcome.  I am proud of the work that was done and the information collected for the workshops along with the documentary we were shooting.  The workshops we ran added to the curriculum, and brought us into contact with some amazing participants.  Some of the stories we encountered during the filming showcased the strength of spirit and the capacity for an open heart and hope to rise out of chaos and loss.



At the end of the second workshop a girl came into the classroom and approached Sol Garcia to ask if she remembered her.  At that same moment both Sol and I realized that this was one of the original girls we had met and interviewed 2 years ago when we first cme to this region in SE Kenya to talk learn about the affects of fgm and early child marriage on girls.  She looked amazing, happy and grounded, doing well in school as she had a sponsor that was making a huge difference in her life.  She said she had often thought of us and wondered if she would ever see us again.   We told her that she had inspired us and was the reason we had continued to work to bring awareness and why we were here now.


Both of the ground partners are working in phenomenal ways with girls that have been affected by issues such as war, conflict, loss of family, fgm, early child marriage or lack of access to education.  Providing a safe place, education, community and connection goes a long way to getting them back on track and we were honored to work with them both.  Thank you again to Heshima Kenya and to The Maasai Girls Education Fund and all of the participants in our workshops.  Thank you for your sharing, your stories and for your hearts.  We hope you will never forget us as we know we won’t forget you! 


1.  A t-shirt that reads “Dream can come true” in Swahili by Photographer Agnes Ntari

2.  Girls greet us at the beginning of the second day eager to begin

3.  A student is proud of her work!

4.  Educating girls is tapping into a huge resource for the future of a community.

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