Today is February 14th and is now also synonomous with Eve Ensler’s V-Day campaign to end violence against women.  This year One Billion Rising a new born effort by V-Day, is taking place in cities all over the world.  I arrived home from the Vancouver event to watch them “doin it live in San Fran”, it is an empowering piece of work!!!  So happy that everyone is joining together to consider the momentum that needs to take place in order to overcome the many issues that women face.  Sometimes the acts of violence themselves cause a domino effect in a girl’s or woman’s life, it is not just the event, but the long lasting and far reaching consequenses that are also at issue here.  Solidarity goes a long way to create a space for people to begin the healing process.  V-Day and One Billion Rising is a good turn in the right direction, and I really hope that as humans we can all take stock and move together.

Working around the world and witnessing first hand the after effects of the myriad of rights violations that women and girls face every day on this earth, causes this issue is to be close to my heart.  Cameras4Change recent work in Kenya allowed us the joy of assisting a number of young women refugees take a break from the oppressing mental emotional issues that go along with many of these mentioned breaches of human rights, and feel the joy of being in the moment through the simple creativity in using a camera.  Whether it is dance, drama, art or photography, exposing people to the arts does effect thier critical thinking and can definately help them to move forward.  We believe it is an important component in a holistic approach towards healing and transformation. 

There are billions of stories out there, from women dealing with conflict, in marriages, wars, young girls forced into circumcision, marriage, human trafficking, unpaid labour, domestic violence, and more, the diversity of women, stories, and issues is both as complex as it is astounding.  Thank you Eve Ensler and V-Day for making the world take notice and action!


PS…Kudos to the Vancouver One Billion Rising organisers: Tree Walsh of “My Treehouse Vision”, Lucky Gill of “Global Girl Power” and Lunapads

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