Change is not always Revolutionary

2013-01-31 12.28.51

It has been a while since we posted on here at C4C.  You may have noticed that we have a new look website, and we will be making a few tighter adjustments in the weeks to come so please bear with us.  As we are volunteer based things happen in their own time 🙂 but do happen none the less!  The past week has spurred me on, with the news full of the campaign to end Violence Against Women #VAW and as of yesterday the amazing news that the UK Government will announce it’s move to support an end to Female Genital Cutting (FGC or FGM).  Our work at C4C has been very involved with both of these issues and so we are very excited about the movement forward and the awareness being brought to them.  Our recent workshops in Kenya brought us even closer to these issues as our participants were living lives affected by violence, FGM and more.  We created a space for photography to give a positive charge to their lives.  The workshops were very rewarding for all involved, but even more gratifying is the fact that we did indeed create change.  The participants are continuing to utilize the cameras left behind, and they are also teaching new students!!  This is ACTION that we love to see.  So just like our little non profit, working away in subtle ways, slowly but surely, sometimes so is the change in the world.  It is happening in an evolutionary way but sometimes that is just as good as revolutionary!


A participant from Heshima Kenya shows her gratitude


Student show at Kajiado Educational Center with The Maasai Girls Education Fund

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