What they want


When we first decided to run photo workshops in Kenya, we had a very long list of what we wanted, we had some really lofty goals, which I am very happy to relay that we were able to accomplish.  Cameras4Change is proud of what the digital camera workshops can build in to the curriculum, we know that there are some key fundamental skills, lots of community building, self awareness and loads more that goes along with sparking creativity through photography.  We took alot of time to consider different ways to ignite specific pathways of thought, and to get them freeflowing with their creative juices.  When the workshops were in full throttle we gave specific assignments and urged the participants to push themselves, but afterwards we realized that the opportunity to photograph what gave them meaning in life was not that different from any other teens. What we forgot about was the plain and simple truth of allowing them to photograph what they wanted to, that being themselves with their friends, because the value of that was actually pretty huge.    We looked at this as a visual architecture of their own history, and knowing the importance of that in our own lives, it is not that mysterious that they would be doing this right away and as much as possible once they had a camera in their hands!  It gave them joy, it made them forget for a while what all of the difficulties were in their lives, it made things seem all the more possible, and afterwards when they actually held the photos that they took there was even more excitement.  Simple and effective.

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