Summer in the City with C4C

We are nearly finished our first ever local C4C workshop here in Vancouver!  Working with 20 youth through the Britannia Community Education Services in East Vancouver with our partners The Good Forks & Le Chou,  Evergreen BC and The Grandview Woodland Food Connection has been wonderful in so many ways!  This large gregarious group of 10-13 yr olds have a level of creativity that is “catching” as they whole-heartedly jumped into using the cameras in very energetic ways!  The imagery they made was amazing and we are posting an entire gallery here of the workshop and the students working! Thanks again to equipment support supplied by Nikon Canada and The Camera Store in Calgary!  You guys rock getting the cameras into the hands of these youth, many who had never photographed before.  This Friday will be their graduation ceremony and we will be posting some more photos with some happy kids!  More thanks to C4C volunteer Sarah Whitlam, Shane Morgan and facilitators Kimberley French and Cate Cameron!!

PS: soon to come is more of the students work, for now you can view Week 1 work on our Facebook pageBCSD20025 BCSD20024 BCSD20023 BCSD20022 BCSD20021 BCSD20020 BCSD20019 BCSD20018 BCSD20017 BCSD20016 BCSD20015 BCSD20014 BCSD20013 BCSD20012 BCSD20011 BCSD20010 BCSD20009 BCSD20008 BCSD20007 BCSD20006 BCSD20005 BCSD20004 BCSD20003 BCSD20002 BCSD20001

Our First Vancouver Workshop!!

This is exciting, tomorrow C4C will be running it’s first ever “local” workshop right here in Vancouver!  It will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with 20 inner city urban kids aged 10-13 as part of their day-camp curriculum at Brittania Secondary School in East Van!  The cameras are all charged and raring to go like a little team all on their own!!


Big thanks to our supporters at Nikon Canada for supplying the cameras and also to The Camera Store in Calgary who have kindly donated 8 gig Panasonic cards.  Kimberley French, Thea Grivakes and Cate Cameron will be facilitating along with some great peeps at Brittania (Sadia, Mitra and Mike) Can’t wait to get them out shooting in beautiful sunny Van!!!  Stay tuned!!

The C4C team!!





A 12 year old Pokot girl with her 3 day old babyLikaMom

A Young mom in Lika HaitiTeenPregnancyA 16 year old girl pregnant after being assaulted by adults that were meant to be her caretakers – Kenya

Today is World Population Day, with this years theme being Teenage Pregnancy. Cameras4Change has been involved with this theme for the past few years as we have been working first hand with East African girls directly affected by this. Whether it is a cultural practice to marry girls as young as 9, or through conflict, war, and rape, girls are often the first to suffer and the ones most affected in the long term. We applaud the efforts of the UN to bring attention to this and want to stand in unison with the many organizations and individuals working tirelessly to bring awareness and change to the all too many lives that are at risk.

As we move forward in our efforts through programs dedicated to the transformation of challenged youth both here in Canada and again in 2014 internationally, we hope you will keep in touch with our plans and join us to make a difference through the amazing power of photography workshops, allowing individuals the opportunity to raise self awareness, advocate and move forward with self determination and an enhanced creative outlook.