The Right to Be: BAD13

Blog Action Day 2013


Human Rights is this years theme for Blog Action Day.

In a world where we are increasingly micro managed during every moment, the term “human rights” has a tangible meaning to me.  One that propagates into my personal philosophy and the way I relate to the world. I have often expressed this through small almost meaningless ways, but to me they have depth.  For instance I profess to be a citizen of the world, I feel I have the right to be anywhere on this planet that I choose. I don’t profess to be a “female” photographer, but a “photographer”, I don’t minimize my right “to be” through gender, country or place.  Human Rights are at the heart and soul of our little organization, some of the rights you and I may take for granted are for some only a dream one wishes they could have.    Full Circle

At Cameras4Change, we feel strongly about Article 13 of the UN Convention of Human Rights, that “every child has the right to freedom of expression” especially through any art or media form.  We also believe that we all need to act locally, and when we can, globally.  We are all one, and it is only through connecting that we will be able to support and help each other, and ultimately ourselves.  In the past year and half C4C have been able to give girls in Kenya, and youth in Vancouver access to cameras and freedom of expression.  It seems like it may not be such a big deal, but when you see the smiles and the photos of the participants, it doesn’t matter where they are in the world, it has the same meaning when someone is able to create where they were not able to before!

We recently began an indiegogo campaign to raise funding for our Documentary film.  Weta Pichu (Our Picture) is about the inspirational power of transforming lives via cameras and photography.  We will be sharing more throughout the campaign, but in essence this film will have the capacity to show a much wider audience how simply connecting and providing skills can open a path to self expression, communication, and in turn making a difference in how we move forward in life.  We want to inspire and engage others, who knows where it could lead? Sometimes it is that spark of imagination that provides the way to something really big.   We think that every child has the right to experience these things.

Full Circle

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