Waste not Want Not

“No Hay Desechos, solo recursos” reads the Sistema BioBolsaImage logo, there is no waste, only resources, and that is the heart and sole of Sistema Biobolsa, an organization working in 22 Mexican States, and 15 other countries to bring sustainable resources to agricultural communities.  Here is the low down, a highly innovative membrane digester that processes animal waste (especially cow) into a useable methane rich bio gas, and an organic rich fertilizer called Biol.  Sistema Biobolsa’s ceo/founder Alexander Eaton and coo/cofounder Camilo Pagés are the real rockstars here, their award winning technology has the capacity to make huge changes in peoples lives.  Seeing Alex in action with both his team and user clients, one realizes there is no mistake that his passion and energy for people is just as big as his drive to make a difference.  They are an award winning organization and Kiva Field Partner that create biogas technology, sustainable development, appropriate technology transfer, financing, and marketing to assist smaller farms and businesses.

Yesterday’s work in field took us to Tlaxcala state in Central Mexico.  Tlaxcala state has a rich agricultural ctradition situated in the fertile plains below the  Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl Volcanos.  The scenery is lush and gorgeous, but even more inviting was the family I was about to meet!  Irene, Patty, Carolina and Diana, a family of sisters doing it for themselves!  Irene and Carolina are the matriarchs, with their daughters Patty and Diana.  They are a quatro-powerhouse and delightful!  There were plenty of animals to provide some interesting moments, including the muy importante turkeys that kept strutting their puffy stuff and Patty’s son David, a 3 year old who kind of stole the show a few times!

These ladies used thier biobolsa digester to create bio gas which they used to cook a delicious lunch of salsa, tortillas and fresh farm eggs.


ImageImagePatty and CarolinaImageAbove a family cow that provides the contents for the biodigester below!




Imagesoy “Muy Importante”  I think these guys had a covert operation going down, they kept circling meImageThey don’t get fresher than this!

ImageImageIrene cooks tomatoes and Tortillas with the bio gasImage3 generations, Irene the Matriarch with her daughters Diane and Patty with thier own daughters!

ImageCEO Alexander Eaton


The Biobolsa Team!

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