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Remember that phrase, “think global, act local”?  It really gave people the standard that there was no excuse for not taking action.  Today as the Sochi Olympics broadcast the opening ceremonies, the meaning of humanity and the connection we all feel resonates throughout the world for many of us.  We can truly, despite all of the hoopla, politics and nay-saying actually feel the possibility of what can happen when we all come together!  There has been controversy with these Olympics, much as there has been and always be some level of it at any and all Olympics, can you remember one where there hasn’t?   At the end of the day when you see the faces of the people there, watch it on TV, the sense pulls you into that same feeling, whether it is the seeming purity of sport, the prowess of the athletes converging at the same time, or the proud feeling of ones sense of place and country, it is palpable.

I wish that everyone could have the same opportunity to connect, but we know this is not the case as there are many that just do not have access to TV and computers.  Although we work in a very small way at Cameras4Change, that is part of the premiss that we ensue as our cause, we want to open doors to those that would not normally have the chance to use cameras, to offer that experience as part of a new way of thinking that will move them forward.

Last week I visited communities in Santiago de Anaya, in Yolotepec, Hidalgo State Mexico where we are planning to work with our ground partners Isla Urbana, Sistema Biobolsa and Proyecto ConcentrArté.  At the end of the day despite the infrastructure of our partners and our own workshops, it is always about creating a human bond, which can only help to strengthen all of us, it is as simple as that, no matter where you are in the world!Hidalgo_20140129_018

The Team:Hidalgo_20140129_026

So much beauty in this part of Mexico, from the architecture,Hidalgo_20140129_027

local garden centerHidalgo_20140129_028


Amazing vistasHidalgo_20140129_044

Alex surveys the best spot for a biodigester with the first familyHidalgo_20140129_052

The bio digester will provide a renewable energy, the family of Elias León LeónHidalgo_20140129_057

Art is everywhere!Hidalgo_20140129_059

this area is very arid and yet the natural beauty aboundsHidalgo_20140129_065

Hours old when we arrived!Hidalgo_20140129_072

This may be “poop” to you and I, but it is a form of energy that can be used in the biodigester to provide gas for cooking and machinery!Hidalgo_20140129_078


Silvia Perez Pérez has names for each of her 10 cows!Hidalgo_20140129_100

She also provided a delicious lunch for us, yummy salsa, with hot tortillas, and an abundance of fresh fruit.Hidalgo_20140129_112

Liliana of Proyecto ConcentrArté shows the painted story plates she uses to tell the story of the “Dragon Azul”, a story of how the biodigester works, a beautiful combination of science, technology, the arts, and mythology used to connect with the community.Hidalgo_20140129_117 Hidalgo_20140129_118


At the last stop of the day this local woman was cooking a huge pot of “arroz rojo”, red rice!Hidalgo_20140129_128

Irene of Sistema Biobolsa talks to community members introducing the projectHidalgo_20140129_141

Alexander Eaton, one of the founders of SBBHidalgo_20140129_153

Always time for the local dogs!!Hidalgo_20140129_161

Hidalgo state representatives spearheading the project say goodbye at the end of the day!Hidalgo_20140129_164Adios!

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