Haven’t We Learned that already?


Today is a beautiful day here in Vancouver, it is easy to feel grateful for life when you live in a seemingly clean, green city with a world of opportunities at your doorstep.  Last night I helped my teenage daughter with an essay about the Women of WWI and II and how they began making strides forward for women’s rights by taking over the many and varied roles of men in the workforce that were away fighting in the Wars.  We have come a long way, but it brought to light the capacity that still exists to treat women as chattel in our world, when  234 Nigerian school girls are kidnapped from their dorms while at a school to write their end of year exams, taken from their families and communities,  and a government stands by and is unable to find them as these young girls are likely sold into the sex trade or forced into marriage.  It is infuriating that in this day and age this can happen on such a huge scale.  It is outrageous as a woman to be witness and hear about it.

Yes there is media and yes there are petitions that must be signed, it seems like an innocuous  step but governments here and abroad need to know that we the people will not accept actions like this.  The girls themselves will hopefully at some point need to know that something was attempted, something was done to try and save them, try to find them.

I sit here not knowing what else to do, but wanting badly to do something.  We are sometimes fooled into thinking that an invisible world consciousness has moved forward, has changed, that progress has been made in gender equity, there are so many agencies and organizations doing amazing things.  But when things like this happen it is a huge reality check.  So please talk about it, sign petitions, ask questions. and do not forget about them until they are found, do not forget.




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