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Cameras4Change has been collaborating with 3 different organizations that support different communities both in Mexico City and in rural Mexico.  Isla Urbana, an amazing non profit that provides water infrastructure to many different informal communities is the first organization that C4C began to collaborate with in 2011, since then we have continued to work together and branch out to collaborate with other partners from Mexico City that work together on various projects. We ran our first official Cameras4Change workshop in June of 2014 and left 15 cameras behind with the organizations all working together through a program titled the Paz Paz Bus!  Since then our Mexican partners have used the cameras to introduce photography to many more communities, and now in June of 2015 we will be returning and hosting a facilitator course and taking down another 25 Nikon Coolpix cameras (thank you Nikon Canada!) along with SD cards provided by Sandisk USA and all in camera bags provided by Lowepro Canada!!  Here are some images that were sent to us along with some from our first workshop last June.


this is the Paz Paz Bus, that has been loveingly refurbished and goes out into the communities that Isla Urbana, Sistema Biobolsa and Proyecto Concentr’Arte providing water infrastructure, renewable resources and cultural arts activities.  The Cameras allow for a greater expansion of their activities, extra cultural experiences through the arts and some great community bonding!





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Chicalco_CC_2013_11_002 Chicalco_CC_2013_11_012 Chicalco_CC_2013_11_017 Chicalco_CC_2013_11_033  PPBWS DAY 2_0003 PPBWS DAY 2_0033 PPBWS DAY 2_0038 PPBWS DAY 2_0040 PPBWS DAY 2_0062 PPBWS DAY 2_0066

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